Entries tagged: Community Creators

FAR Community Creators | Christopher Warren Elam

April 27, 2021

Meet Bloomington mosaic artist Christopher Warren Elam...

FAR Community Creators | Patricia Coleman

February 24, 2021

Meet artist and educator Patricia Coleman! She's a Bloomington treasure who dives into many mediums of art - including making teas that you can find at the Runcible Spoon. In this installment of the…

FAR Community Creators | Sean Starowitz

January 28, 2021

Meet Sean Starowitz, an artist and the Assistant Director of the Arts for the City of Bloomington...

FAR Community Creators | Kristen Chuang

December 18, 2020

Meet Kristen Chuang, the multi-talented force behind Homeseed, the design, doodles & paper goods shop! In the latest installment of our FAR Community Creators series, we'll get to know Kristen and learn more about…

FAR Community Creators | Korie Pickett

November 14, 2020

Meet Korie Pickett, a force of creativity in Bloomington...

FAR Community Creators | Brick Kyle

October 23, 2020

Meet Brick Kyle, Bloomington photographer extraordinaire...

FAR Community Creators | Ileana Haberman

September 18, 2020

Meet Ileana Haberman, Bloomington’s own embroidery artist...

FAR Community Creators | Shelly Westerhausen

August 14, 2020

Meet Shelly Westerhausen, Bloomington food photographer, food stylist, author and recipe developer.

FAR Community Creators | Anna Powell Denton

July 17, 2020

Meet Anna, your neighborhood creator, as we go inside her Bloomington photography studio for a demo...