FAR Photo Review

About FPR

Started in January 2020, the FAR Photo Review is a monthly discussion that supports and develops the work of local photographers of every level. The goals are to build community, discuss personal projects, and provide constructive critiques. The group meets on the third Wednesday of every month for two hours. The review is facilitated by photographer Chaz Mottinger. Everyone is welcome to join and participate! 

Check out the 2022 FAR Photo Review Group Exhibition!

How It Works

The Review is composed of a great, welcoming group that fluctuates monthly between 6 – 15 participants. Participants learn how to speak about their own work and get some nice constructive feedback in addition to gaining insights, tips, and tricks. Occasionally the Pictura Gallery curators or guests will join. There are plans for expansion and workshops. 

It is free and easy to join. Email farphotoreview@​thefar.​org if you are interested!

New participants of every skill level are welcome to join, share, or just pop on to see what we are about. The group currently meets via Zoom but we are working on getting back to an in-person/hybrid model!

On Zoom: Participants send photos via email through WeTransfer or Google Drive with a limit of 5 images prior to the review to farphotoreview@​thefar.​org. After intros, Chaz shares her screen and we discuss the work that everyone sends. Photographers get a chance to explain or ask questions or bring up anything about their photos. 

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