Prometheus. Beginnings

Dance Theater by Tzveta Kassabova

Dance, Theater

Date & Time

Friday, November 11 | 6:30pm - 7:30pm

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505 West 4th St. Bloomington, IN


IU Germanic Studies


Created by:Tzveta Kassabova with the performers
Based on plays by Kevin Rittberger
Performed by Jason Ciancuilli, Antonio Disla, Tzveta Kassabova
Live music composed and performed by Steve Hilmy
Text by Kevin Rittberger
Set design by Tzveta Kassabova

Prometheus. Beginnings is a dance theatre work taking inspiration and ideas from two plays written by the Berlin-based playwright Kevin Rittberger. The piece creates the environment in which some pressing questions of our time float in, come to focus, and interact with each other. The piece is an exploration of entanglement of movement, spoken word, improvisational music score and an evocative set of the production. Prometheus. Beginnings is created in the context of the conference Diffractive World-Making - Theatre and Science Beyond the Capitalocene.

‘Through metamorphosis I alter my form
Which has given rise to nothing but greed
May my limbs be covered in soft bark
Hairs become leaves
Arms become branches
All that remains is radiance.‘

- Kevin Rittberger