Pictura Kids Virtual Spring Exhibit

May 1, 2020| Kids Programming

We hosted a Pictura Kids online exhibit on Friday, May 1, 2020 during the Virtual Gallery Walk! We hung kids’ artwork in Pictura Gallery and now have it featured virtually on this page. Check out the great kids’ work!

Nike, age 4
Ellie 3 My Masterpiece
Santi 4
AM Kids Grid
Evelyn 9 Pineappleonthe Beach
Jack Ready
Scarlett4 Apple
Brigitte2 Coloring
Sean Flood9 A Map of an Imaginary Land of My Story
Sean Flood9 St Louis Trip with My Family
Felix Elam7 The Sky Flier
Kai 6 Night
Kai 6 Day
Ellie 3 Potatoand Celery Stamp
Ellie 3 Foil Stamp
Ellie 3 Coffe Filter Art
Santi4 Eloisa 1 The Emeris News
Lexi Griswold Spring Out Of F Ocus
Caroline Carney12 Before COVID
Caroline Carney12 My Life During Covid
Ryan 9
Madeline 6 B
Theo Terrell6 Black Jagiuar
Brii Beldavs9 Catinthe Night
Brii Beldavs9 Sunsetofmy Dreams
Bri Beldavs9 Focused
JDG Kids Maps