Global Warming Series

June 10, 2021| collaboration, exhibit

2021climatechangeshow 011

Dena Hawes and David J Emerson Young of Heartland Reconciliation Center pose in front of the exhibit.

The Global Warming Series is an education-driven art exhibition that addresses the causes and effects of global warmings through: 1) the display of eighteen provocative paintings that explore scientifically proven topics of global warming; 2) through educational materials provided to all viewers; 3) through seven (free) community lectures/​workshops. Our aim is to engage community members, students, young people and activists on the science of global warming, discussing structural reasons, psychological effects, compassion, reasoning, hope.

The event is a partnership between FAR and Heartland Community Reconciliation Center, and is made possible through in-kind and financial support of these two organizations and the Bloomington Urban Enterprise Association, as well as in-kind support from the Bloomington Arts Commission, the City of Bloomington Utilities Department, and WonderLab.

Painting Exhibition

Eighteen paintings by artist David J Emerson Young were on display in FAR’s 505 Theater from May 15th to May 29th. They explore scientifically proven topics of global warming.

Youth Workshops

Young people spent time in the painting exhibition, viewed the work and talked with artist David Young about his choice of topics, his art-making process, and the purpose of the Global Warming Series art exhibition. Then they went outside to do sidewalk art expression’. This sidewalk art’ uses stencils (such as endangered animals/​insects and letters for expression with words) and invisible’ spray by RainWorks that only shows up when it rains.

Lecture Series

Lectures were facilitated by Marc and Christel Gopin, and Dr. Bennett Brabson.

Marc and Christel Gopin are international and national experts in the facilitation of challenging subjects for communities to face together. From the Middle East and Africa to dozens of American states, they focus on the skills to help people analyze, communicate about and cope with deeply challenging problems and crises.This methodology is called Compassionate Reasoning: Changing the Mind to Change the World, the subject of Marc’s forthcoming volume from Oxford University Press, his 9th book. It is focused on changing the mind in order to change the world, on the mind’s power to move from negative feelings to positive communication and collaboration with others.

Dr. Bennett Brabson is an IU Professor Emeritus/​Physics of Climate Change.

View the lectures here.